As with every tournament, our VOLUNTEERS are a key part of the overall success of the tournament. Please complete the form below and select your area of desire and that chairperson will be In contact or click on the chairperson's name to connect directly. Thank you In advance for your willingness to help.



Bill Cousineau will lead this group to keep scores for each match, turn In score cards and manage the court timing. Please email Bill to volunteer!

Veterans Day Event

Jocie Iszler will lead this group to produce our first annual Veterans Day Event. You will be a key volunteer to plan and produce this event for all veterans, families and fans. Click on Jocie above and email her for details.


Janet Chabot will lead this group to create and decorate for this event.  Click on her name to email her for Information.

Food and Beverage

Brenda Peterman will lead this group of volunteer to prepare and serve our players and guests. Come join this group and share your culinary passion. Email Brenda to volunteer.


Ed Clark will lead this group of volunteers to register players, obtain waivers from each participant, notify If players are absent and share court assignments for players. Email Ed If you are Interested.

Set Up/Facilities

Grant Engel will lead this group of volunteers. As a volunteer you will setting up the tournament for spectators, open and close scoreboards, position chairs for scorekeepers, ensure recycling, garbage bins and dumpsters are emptied each day and general set up of chairs and cushions. Click on Grant's name above to volunteer.

Ticket Sales

Janet Hildebrandt will lead this group of volunteers that are focused on selling tickets for food and beverages. You will be responsible for keeping daily records of tickets sold, manage money and set up for daily ticket sales. Click on Janet's name to volunteer.


John Shostak leads this years efforts in securing sponsors for our tournament. Sponsorships are essential to the overall tournament and our local vendors are key to our homeowners. Please reach out to John If you are Interested by clicking on his name.


Pat Von Trapp will lead a few photographers with a keen eye for the action we will witness on the courts. Click on Pat's name to volunteer.

50/50 Raffle

George Hildebrandt will lead the charity raffle effort throughout the tournament. This is not only fun but your donation goes to our charitable foundations. Buy a ticket, or two or ten!

Veteran Ambassador

Gary Lock stands tall as our tournament ambassador. A veteran himself, he will help coordinate the veteran's celebration for all of us to enjoy.