1st Annual LWTC Veterans Classic Tennis Tournament Information/Rules

Dates: Saturday, November 5 – Saturday, November 12, 2022

Veteran Celebration

Friday, November 11, 2022 at the Promenade in Leisure World

Food trucks arrive at 4:00 pm

Honor the Veterans Program starts at 5:30 pm

Dessert Bar opens at 6:00 pm

Fireworks begin at 6:55 pm or when dark

Please JOIN US!

(Rain day is scheduled for Sunday, November 13)

Location: Leisure World Tennis Center – 908 S Power Road, Mesa, AZ 85206

Tournament Directors - Joe Vitetta - Julie Post - Kim Loffler


  • Men’s and Women’s Doubles

  • Players must be at least 50 years of age (as of December 31, 2022)

  • Partners do not need to belong to the same EVSTL club

  • Levels – 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5+ (Rating of 31 or less), 75+

  • Players should enter at their current Tencap/Rec/Social playing level and be a member/affiliate of an EVSTL club. We will review a player’s abilities with their club if there are any questions regarding their level

  • One level difference between partners is allowed; the team will play at the higher team member’s level

  • Entries will be accepted in the order that they are received, with a maximum of 16 teams per level per gender. Extra teams will be placed on a waitlist

  • Brackets will be created according to the number of entries per division. (There may be an upper and lower bracket for the 4.5+ players, depending on the number of entries)

  • Players are guaranteed 2 matches

  • There will be a Consolation Bracket for teams that lose their first-round match

  • Winning teams may not compete as partners at the same level the following year

  • Please carpool when possible

  • Please help us recycle by placing aluminum cans and plastic bottles in the appropriate receptacles

  • One entry per person

Entry Fees:

  • $30 per player (non veteran); $25 for Veterans

  • Each club will submit one payment for all of their entries

  • Refunds will not be made after 10/31/2022

  • Please mail your entry fee to Julie Post - 218 Leisure World Mesa, AZ 85206 or give your entry fee to your Club Tournament Coordinator.

How to enter:

  • Go to

  • Information needed:

    • Level

    • Gender - Men’s or Women’s

    • Player 1 Name/Club/Email/Phone Number/Veteran or Non-Veteran

    • Player 2 Name/Club//Phone Number/Veteran or Non-Veteran

Daily Schedules:

  • All 1st round matches will be held on Saturday, November 5, and Sunday, November 6. Begin time will be 8:00, with last matches of the day scheduled at 3:30. (Players who are unable to play 1st round matches on Sunday, due to religious reasons, must contact before Saturday, October 15.)

  • 2nd round matches will be played on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

  • Semifinal matches will be played on Thursday and Friday (Celebration event will be on Friday, November 11, 2022)

  • Championship/Consolation Finals will be played on Saturday, November 12 Sunday, November 13 – Rain Day

  • Matches during weekdays will depend on availability of courts in regards to EVSTL matches. Levels will not be scheduled to play tournament matches on their EVSTL league day

  • Matches will be scheduled every 1 ½ hours.

  • Teams will be in default if they are more than 10 minutes late to their scheduled match, at the discretion of the Tournament Directors.


  • All players must check in daily at the Registration Area, at least 30-minutes before their scheduled match.

  • Liability waiver must be signed by all players on the first day of registration.


  • USTA rules will apply.

  • Players should be prepared to enter their court as soon as the previous match ends.

  • Warmups will be a maximum of 7 minutes, including serves.

  • Matches are best of 3 sets with a 3rd set tie-breaker.

  • Preliminary matches will be 2nd deuce game point with receivers determining which partner will receive serve. Deuces will be played out for Championship/Consolation Finals.

  • Set tie-breakers are to 7 points by 2.

  • Match tie-breakers are to 10 points by 2.

  • Players will call their own lines. If a ball is not clearly out, it is considered in. If partners disagree on a line call, the other team receives the point.

  • Players are responsible to check posted brackets or tournament website for their next scheduled match.

  • Players should be aware of foot faults.

  • Courtesy and sportsmanship are expected from players and spectators.

  • Rule disputes will be resolved by Tournament Directors, not by the scorekeepers.

  • At the conclusion of each match, one of the partners from the winning team must verify the scores/winning team and sign the score card, then present to the tournament directs.


  • Substitutions will be allowed prior to the first-round match. Substitutes should pay their entry fee directly to the player they replace.

  • Substitutes must be of the same level, or one level lower.

  • Injury timeouts will be limited to 10 minutes.

  • If a player is unable to complete a match, their team will forfeit the match.

Rain Delays:

  • Play will resume as soon as possible after a rain delay at the discretion of Tournament Directors.

  • Players should closely monitor the tournament website when rain delays occur.

  • Temporary no ad scoring may be implemented during preliminary rounds at the Tournament Directors’ discretion after a rain delay. (1st deuce game point)


Championship Final

1st Place

2nd Place

Consolation Final

3rd Place

Critical Dates:

  • Thursday, April 7 – Tournament packet emailed to club reps. (Poster, website URL to register and volunteer).

  • Saturday, October 15 – Deadline for online entries.

  • Tuesday, October 18 - Submit final “Club Team Entries Spreadsheet” AND one check payable to LWTC for all club’s entries. Spreadsheet can be found on tournament website. Entry spreadsheet and check should be mailed to Julie Post, 218 Leisure World, Mesa AZ 85206. (Or call or text 406-690-5140 to arrange drop off.)

  • Saturday, October 22 – Draws will be completed.

  • Saturday, November 5 – Tournament play begins at 8:00am.


  • Scorekeepers from other parks are welcome. Contact Judi Vogelsang by calling 701-318-3615 or email to

Tournament Website:

Tournament information, including brackets, will be posted on the LWTC Tournament site: